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そのデータが18年間で400を超え、2015年に、出版の幸運を得て本になりました。資金は、CAMPFIREでクラウドファンディングに挑戦! ほんとうにわくわくしました。ご支援くださってみなさま、ありがとうございました。

Since I opened my studio at Nikaido, I have been dyeing with local wild plants near by and keeping on writing about the plants and its colors, and hiding profound stories in my blog. Fortunately I got a big opportunity to publish it in 2015 by support of my friends through crowdfunding. Not only the biological data, but also origin of the names, interesting episodes, and way to dye with plants safely in your kitchen.





Crowdfunding in CAMPFIRE for this book.


Won The Best Essay Prize in the 19th Self Publish Award


You can buy this book in netshop page at discounted price.
Please let me know your name, address, phone number  and e-mail address.


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